• Image of Hoop Technique- Instruction & Inspiration

Get the full 2 disc set of Hoop Technique: the most beautiful, in-depth instructional offering ever created for the art of hoop dance.

Hoop Technique: Space & Energy is an independent film and instructional DVD for hoopers of all skill levels, or anyone interested in the art of hoopdance. Created by Spiral & Rich Porter, this project was a true labor of love, presenting hooping as it's never been seen before.

The first disc presents Hoop Technique Theory in 105 minutes of instructional material with Spiral and Rich and includes over 40 in-depth lessons in the art of hoop dance. The Inspiration disc contains 90 minutes of stunning inspirational footage and interviews from 5 of the most talented & innovative hoopdance artists in the world: Brecken Rivara, Matt 'Poki' McCorckle, Shakti Sunfire, Malcolm Stuart, and Spiral.